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Join Us Monday October 9th for the 4-H Positive Youth Development Spotlight Day!

Start your NAE4-HYDP conference off by building a strong foundation in 4-H Positive Youth Development (PYD)! The PYD Spotlight Day is your chance to catch up on the latest information on youth development to ensure your work with youth is the best it can be! Make plans now to attend the 4-H PYD Spotlight day the Monday October 9th. Two outstanding sessions are planned to build your knowledge and skill in positive youth development.

The PYD Spotlight is brought to you at no charge thanks to generous support from National 4-H Council.

Morning Plenary Session (8:30am to noon)

Registration Fee: No Charge

We welcome Karen Pittman, Founder and former CEO of the Forum for Youth Development, to 4-H this morning! Ms. Pittman arguably started the youth development movement in the early 1990s with her famous statement “problem free is not fully prepared.” Ms. Pittman is a fan of 4-H work, and today she will share an updated vision of PYD for a new generation of youth. We will also hear from our five national 4-H partners on their efforts to center PYD in 4-H nationally, and learn more about the work of the 4-H Standing Committee on Positive Youth Development. You will leave the session informed and motivated to make your PYD work the best it can be for a generation of youth that need 4-H now more than ever!

The morning plenary session will be live streamed! Register below to attend in person or via the live stream!

Afternoon Session (1:30 – 5:30pm)

4-H PYD Spotlight Day Helping Youth Thrive: Introduction to the Science and Practice of 4-H Positive Youth Development

Registration Fee: No Charge

This four-hour session provides an introduction to positive youth development and the 4-H Thriving Model. Participants will learn about the research science behind the magic of 4-H and its positive impact on youth. Led by seasoned 4-H professionals, this session will provide participants with practical ways to increase PYD outcomes in 4-H programs. The session is intended for 4-H educators and program leaders who are interested in learning the basics of what 4-H PYD and the 4-H Thriving Model are all about.